The Critical Role of Independent Third-Party Testing

This is a summary of an article written for the Forbes Technology Council by Fortinet’s Founder, President, and CTO, Michael Xie. The full article can be accessed here. As digital business drives the rapid expansion of the network, organizations find themselves having to quickly select critical things like applications, devices, Continue Reading

MDaemon News

The Evolution of MDaemon – 1996-2019 & Beyond!

In the early to mid nineties, our founder and CEO Arvel Hathcock recognized the need for a less expensive, easier to manage alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server for small-to-medium businesses. With solid programming skills and an entrepreneurial spirit, he created the MDaemon Email Server and launched Alt-N Technologies. Through word Continue Reading

How to improve user experience to boost conversions

Learn from the expert! Olivier Sauvage, founder of Capitaine Commerce blog, gives some handy tips to improve your online store that you can implement immediately. While simplicity, engagement, emotion and interactivity may seem like empty terms every eMarketer is throwing around, Olivier gives us the real-world action plan to make Continue Reading

Join Us And Paul Vixie On Tuesday To Discuss BIND, Root Servers, And DNS Security

CloudFlare and Gandi have been hosting a speaker series on DNS, previously bringing in the founder of DNS Paul Mockapetris and Dan Kaminsky, who uncovered one of the most critical vulnerabilities in DNS. Our third and final talk is coming up on June 21st at 6PM PST at the Gandi Continue Reading

eHealth Systems Africa Uses Sync To Deliver Better Public Health Services

Adam Thompson, Executive Director and Co Founder at eHealth Africa, shares how his NGO uses BitTorrent Sync for a wide variety of replication and synchronization needs.At eHealth Africa our mission is to deliver better public health services to vulnerable communities through data-driven technological solutions. We have over 800 staff members, Continue Reading