Improve Audio Quality by Switching to AAudio API in 3CX Android App Beta – 3CX

3CX Android App Beta now adds Google’s AAudio API as an added alternative to the commonly used OpenSL (Sound Library). The 3CX App has so far used OpenSL which is still functional and widely used. However, following Google’s recommendation to replace OpenSL with the new de facto standard AAudio API, Continue Reading

MessageMedia wins global Google RCS hackathon | MessageMedia New Zealand

As a member of Google’s Early Access Program (EAP), MessageMedia was invited to attend a developer camp on rich communication services (RCS) at its campus in Mountain View, California. A team of five packed their bags and their Pixel handsets to learn from Google’s Rich Business Messaging (RBM) team and Continue Reading

Google’s 2017 CTF – The “ASCII Art Client” Challenge

    In our last blog in this series, we discussed FortiGuard Labs’ participation in Google’s second annual Capture The Flag (CTF) competition. In this blogpost, I want to share how I solved another challenge, called“ASCII Art Client”. Challenge Description For this challenge, participants were given two files: a binary Continue Reading