Critical Update: WannaCry Ransomware

On May 12th, 2017 the ransomware WannaCry disrupted hundreds of organizations in dozens of countries. The ransomware encrypts personal and critical documents and files and demands approximately $300 USD in BitCoin currency for the victim to unlock their files. It is important to note that Fortinet solutions successfully block this Continue Reading

No Tears for WannaCry: Five Steps Every CISO Should Consider for Protecting Your Organization from Ransomware

Over the past few days WannaCry malicious malware variants affected hundreds of organizations across the world. This cyberattack spread primarily by exploiting a vulnerability whose manufacturer had issued a critical security update over two months ago. While there are certainly reasons why it may take an organization some time to Continue Reading

Fortinet Again Receives 5-Star Rating from CRN

Deciding which security solutions to buy and deploy is a difficult job. There are literally hundreds of vendors offering a bewildering array of security technologies. Organizations simply don’t have the time to run bakeoffs for every possible solution. Fortunately, third-party organizations have stepped in to help fill that knowledge gap. Continue Reading

Overview: Fortinet Threat Landscape Report

Periodically, Fortinet publishes a set of findings based on threat intelligence gathered from hundreds of Cyber Threat Assessments we have performed across the globe. This report provides analysis and insight into the threats we’ve experienced within certain industry segments and regions. Published just this week, the most recent report includes Continue Reading