Defining the SD-Branch

One of the most important aspects of digital transformation is that it is a continual process. And most people don’t realize that it has been underway for several years, probably beginning when organizations decided to let users have access to the internet. Since then there have been several huge transformational Continue Reading

Four Essential Cloud Security Concepts

Possibly the most important attribute of the cloud is that critical business applications, can be deployed, managed, and distributed faster and easier than by any other method, giving employees and customers real-time access to critical information—wherever they are located and on whatever device they are using. That requires nimble resources Continue Reading

Get the latest 3CX Android App with Car/Bluetooth support

Be sure to get the updated 3CX Android app available on the Google Play app store, featuring important stability and usability improvements. Added to the mix, are some pre-release features like the “Car/Bluetooth support” option for improved Bluetooth headset support. Better Android Integration Keeping the app’s code base stable, modern Continue Reading

Chat, Video and call with your website visitors with the new 3CX Plugin

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi Live Chat the 3CX Way Imagine opening a window to your web site’s visitors so that they can simply talk to you. The new “3CX Live Continue Reading

ReadySpace New Update

Is your website being marked as ‘Not Secure’?

Hi everyone, This is an important notice to inform you that, starting with the release of Chrome 68, Google Chrome will prominently mark all non-HTTPS websites as ‘Not Secure’. If your website is still using HTTP, many of your visitors might already be greeted with a ‘Not Secure’ message if Continue Reading

Important update: WooCommerce 3.2 will now be released October 11th.

Important update: WooCommerce 3.2 will now be released October 11th. — September 19, 2017 Important update: WooCommerce 3.2 will now be released October 11th. September 19, 2017/Claudiu Lodromanean We have a small number of remaining open issues that need to be fixed before we can tag and send out the release candidate Continue Reading

MDaemon Has been Updated to Version 17.0.3

As any software company knows, it’s important to listen to our customers and address any issues that may be reported. With this in mind, our development team has released MDaemon 17.0.3. This minor update includes various improvements to WorldClient Instant Messenger and other minor fixes. Click here to read the Continue Reading

ISPConfig 3.1.5 Released

What’s new in ISPConfig 3.1.5 This release contains an important security fix. A user that is logged into ISPConfig was able to view contact details of other users due to an insufficient privilege check. Some minor bugs have been fixed in this release as well, see changelog in issue tracker Continue Reading

Byline: WannaCry is Part of a Bigger Problem

The most important question related to the recent WannaCry attacks isn’t who the attackers were, or how big the attack was. The question is, “How did this happen in the first place?” The vulnerability exploited by this attack had been patched by Microsoft months before. That patch was part of a widely Continue Reading

White House Announces New Cybersecurity Executive Order

President Trump just signed a new cybersecurity Executive Order that has important implications, not only for federal agencies, but for Critical Infrastructures as well. In addition to noting that it is “the policy of the United States to manage cybersecurity risk as an executive branch enterprise”, the order states that, Continue Reading