Get the latest 3CX Android VoIP App with CallKit integration

The latest 3CX App for Android Beta has arrived and it’s jam-packed full of fixes, improvements and new features. Included is the well known CallKit that finally enables the app to take advantage of bluetooth headsets and integration with bluetooth accessories in general. Bluetooth Integration With CallKit Thanks to the Continue Reading

AbanteCart has a new version 1.2.9

New AbanteCart v1.2.9 is now ready for use. In this new version 1.2.9 we focused on overall core platform improvements based on users’ feedbacks, security updates, small new features and bug fixes. Below are the release notes for version 1.2.9: Core: improvement of ACart library. Added inventory quantity to products Continue Reading

AbanteCart 1.2.4 is now released

New version 1.2.4 of AbanteCart is now ready for use. In this new version 1.2.4 we focused on overall improvements for admin usability, such as template management, settings wizard, global search and quick commands. Additionally, AbanteCart 1.2.4 now include system condition check functionality, this is to improve stability of site Continue Reading

MySQL 8.0.1 Replication Performance Improvements

MySQL 8.0.1 introduces new features and improvements to replication. The next sections summarize some related to performance. 1. WL#9556 – Writeset-based dependency tracking on the master Transaction writesets can now be used to evaluate which transactions are independent and can be executed in parallel on the binary log applier on the Continue Reading

Upcoming Runner Changes for

Recent improvements to GitLab Runner have made processing CI pipelines significantly more efficient and responsive. To take advantage of the changes, GitLab-provided shared runners have been upgraded, and we encourage users to update their private runners as well. In addition, private runners older than version 1.9.0 will soon be throttled Continue Reading

The next version of Joomla! is just around the corner

With over 700 improvements, including fantastic new features like custom fields, a multilingual association manager and an improved workflow, Joomla! 3.7 is clearly something to celebrate and it is easy to see why it has the Joomla! Community very excited. Here’s a quick look at the major new features* included Continue Reading

LuaJIT Hacking: Getting next() out of the NYI list

At Cloudflare we’re heavy users of LuaJIT and in the past have sponsored many improvements to its performance. LuaJIT is a powerful piece of software, maybe the highest performing JIT in the industry. But it’s not always easy to get the most out of it, and sometimes a small change Continue Reading

“Sell Faster”: Enhancing User Experience on a Daily Basis

“Code Better; Create Easier; Sell Faster”: PrestaShop 1.7 offers real improvements for everyone involved in creating an online shop: developers, theme designers and merchants. “Sell Faster” is designed for our users, merchants. The product department committed to making their lives easier. That is what user-oriented design is all about. When Continue Reading