ReadySpace New Update

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200220

New features[Cloud Infra] Enhanced storage switches with better fault tolerance[Cloud Bare Metal] Remote bios management now possible with VPN[Cloud Bare Metal] Now with Hyper Converge Infrastructure support[Office 365] Now available in SuperScaler for automated ordering[Console] Agreement and policies made available now in 1 place for easy access[Community] Relaunch community portal Continue Reading

CentOS News

Welcoming as new sponsor for infra –

It’s not a secret that the CentOS project has always been running on sponsored infra since the beginning of the journey. While over the years we sometimes lost some “sponsors”, we are always happy to see new ones joigning us . That’s especially true for the infra used to “seed” the Continue Reading

[infra] scheduled major outage for several services

[infra] scheduled major outage for several services Wednesday , 8, March 2017 Fabian Arrotin Uncategorized As announced, and confirmed on the centos-devel list, next week we’ll have a major outage impacting several services that are hosted in the same DC : due to some reorganization at the DC/Cage level, we’ll Continue Reading