How to Cost-Effectively Dynamically Analyze UEFI Malware

A FortiGuard Labs How-To Guide for Cybersecurity Threat Researchers Introduction Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is a specification that defines an interface between platform firmware and an OS. In a nutshell, UEFI replaces the BIOS in previous systems. Since UEFI is required for Secure Boot (ever since the Windows 8 Continue Reading

Discontinuation Of Free OX Webmail Service

Dear Customer,   We will unfortunately no longer be offering the OX Webmail interface as a free service moving forward. Customers who are currently enjoying this free service will be migrated over time to a different webmail interface. This migration will be seamless and no downtime will be experienced.   Continue Reading

Update Your Style for Version 54

In cPanel and WHM version 54, the cPanel interface is changing in a lot of ways, which means the way you customize cPanel styles will also change. With a few more elements and classes, you can easily update your 11.52 style to 54. Before we updated to version 54, we Continue Reading