Our Retrospectives and Kickoffs are Now Public

As stated in the GitLab Master Plan, we strive to maintain a high level of transparency. That’s why today we are making our release retrospective and kickoff notes and calls public. The Retrospective Meeting After each release we have a retrospective call (usually on the 23rd of each month) in Continue Reading

Reading Your Tracker's Battery Level With a Standard Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle

Quite strangely, there is no easy way to check the battery level of your Fitbit tracker. You can configure your profile to send you notifications when the battery is low, but that’s about all. As I was researching Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), I noticed however that Fitbit trackers do offer the standard Battery Continue Reading

Threat Intelligence Cyber Defense, Part 3 of 3

In my last blog we discussed some high level defensive tactics we can take within each phase of the attack chain, once we understand the attacker’s attack methodologies, in order to build a more intelligent defensive posture.  (https://blog.fortinet.com/post/threat-intelligence-cyber-defense-part-2-of-3)Now in this final blog in this series, I will take a look Continue Reading