Provision your 3CX Clients in Seconds – Sneak Peek of V15.5 Update 2

Update 2 for V15.5 is literally just days away. It’s going to be packed with new updates and features to enhance the usability and management of the PBX, both for admins but also for the users. In light of this, and without wanting to give too much away, we’re giving Continue Reading

NSS Labs NGFW Report: Fortinet Receives 4th Consecutive Recommended Rating

One of the biggest security challenges organizations face is sorting through solutions from literally hundreds of vendors in the IT market to find the one that is going to provide them with the best protection at a cost they can afford. Each of these vendors claims to solve critical security Continue Reading

Fortinet Again Receives 5-Star Rating from CRN

Deciding which security solutions to buy and deploy is a difficult job. There are literally hundreds of vendors offering a bewildering array of security technologies. Organizations simply don’t have the time to run bakeoffs for every possible solution. Fortunately, third-party organizations have stepped in to help fill that knowledge gap. Continue Reading

Cybersecurity and Popular Events: What You Should Know

Literally every industry is under cyberattack these days. With summer coming and popular events such as the Olympics, world tennis, and other high profile events scheduled, Fortinet’s Dan Cole offers some perspective on how to keep critical infrastructure safe while balancing high demands and increased user traffic. An interview with Continue Reading