3CX Live Chat & Talk: New update brings offline mode

Your website is never closed, it can be visited at any time and from any location. Meaning that your visitors might need to contact you in the middle of the night or during a public holiday. If you’re not available to take the chat, you could miss out on a Continue Reading

Block Incoming Connections by Country with MDaemon’s New Location Screening Feature

Block connections by country with Location Screening As I announced recently in this post, MDaemon 17.5 has been released, with new security and collaboration features. One feature that our users will find particularly useful is the new Location Screening feature, which allows administrators to block incoming connections from specific countries. Continue Reading

Service log paths

Location of the logs on the CWP servers Apache logs are in folder /usr/local/apache/logs CWP server logs: /usr/local/cwpsrv/logs/ CSF & LFD firewall logs /var/log/lfd-log SSH logs /var/log/secure Yum logs /var/log/yum.log FTP logs /var/log/messages Postfix / Mail /var/log/maillog Dovecot and Dovecot debug logs dovecot.log dovecot-info.log dovecot-debug.log MySQL logs /var/lib/mysql/HOSTNAME.err