German Speakers Targeted by SPAM Leading to Ozone RAT

Remote Administration Tools (RAT) have been around for a long time. They provide users and administrators with the convenience of being able to take full control of their systems without needing to be physically in front of a device. In this age of global operations, that’s a huge deal. From Continue Reading

Security Considerations for Carriers: What’s on the Horizon?

Not too long ago, carriers had fairly straightforward options for their security: they bought one vendor’s box with the same vendor’s firewall, email filtering, and web application firewalls. Then came the dynamic duo of software defined…

Everybody gets WebSockets

Two summers ago, with a seemed-big-at-the-time network of 28 datacenters, not long after introducing Medellin, CloudFlare introduced support for WebSockets, initially for our Enterprise customers. CC BY 2.0 image by Marcin Wichary Today, with our network nearing 80 global locations, we’re pleased to announce support for WebSockets for all our Continue Reading

Outsmart the Bad and Safeguard The Good: Data Loss Prevention Strategies

Preventing the loss of critical or sensitive data has been an issue for as long as there has been proprietary information and intellectual property. But recent developments both in regulatory requirements and in the evolution of network infrastructures, including BYOD, virtualization, sophisticated applications, shadow IT, and cloud environments, make it Continue Reading

Centralised vs Distributed FortiGuard Updates

Firewall deployments can be characterised by episodes of intense activity interspersed with long periods of “I assume it’s working ok”. However, between the cutover and Business as Usual (BAU) transition the long term feed and watering some aspects of Firewall maintenance are often overlooked. Nailing down your FortiGate fleet’s interaction Continue Reading

STOP SLAVE Improvements for Multi-Threaded Slaves

When using a multi-threaded slave, the STOP SLAVE command could take a long time to return because the slave waited for workers to catch up processing the queue. This blog post is about improvements that have been made in MySQL 5.6.26 and later to ensure that STOP SLAVE returns quickly Continue Reading