Looking Into Anatova Ransomware

FortiGuard Labs Threat Analysis This blog is part of a series that is looking into new and older ransomwares to provide in-depth technical analysis details not mentioned in previous sources. For example, in this piece on the Anatova ransomware I include a wide range of technical information unavailable elsewhere. This Continue Reading

Private Git Repositories: Part 2B – Repository SSH Keys

In this series on using private Git repositories with OpenShift, we started out by looking at the different types of protocols that can be used when accessing a Git repository. We also looked at how these combined with different credential types to control access to a private Git repository. We Continue Reading

The Need for Situational Awareness

As human beings, we are continually looking for knowledge or information to help improve any situation. If we live or work in a crowded city, for example, we want to know which routes are best to avoid getting stuck in traffic. When we enter a restaurant or movie theater we Continue Reading

How the Pharmaceutical Industry Can Gain from Mobile

When looking at the impact that technology, research, and innovation have had on medicine through the past few centuries, it is wild to see how much practices have changed in the diagnosing and treatment of patients. The Pharmaceutical Industry has skyrocketed in the past century as the medicine being prescribed is becoming more powerful Continue Reading

Top 10 Features to boost sales and run your e-commerce business more efficiently

In an ever growing and competitive online market, you are always looking for the right tools and features to help you sprint ahead. That’s why we offer innovative built-in features to boost your sales and run your e-commerce business more efficiently. Run all types of products Key features: type of Continue Reading

Healthcare Digital Transformation & HIMSS17

Healthcare systems spanning the globe are recognizing the potential of digital technologies and looking to leverage them to develop new business models, new revenue streams, and a better customer experience across the industry. When speaking about “digital” technologies impacting the industry in 2017, we at Fortinet are focused on four Continue Reading

Cloud Drive – Secure File-Sharing on the Cloud

Hi there! Are you looking around for a secure solution for sharing files and documents to you staff, associates and clients? If you are … ReadySpace Cloud Drive is for you! – Encrypted data – Access rights control – Access from anywhere via web client or mapped drive – Unlimited Continue Reading

Security Leads the Way for MSO Evolution to MSP

Like every other service provider segment, MSOs are looking for ways to leverage recent changes in technology and customer buying patterns in order to expand their addressable market and service offerings. MSOs now have an opportunity to claim a larger share of this growing business market by providing a new Continue Reading

The First Step Towards Change is Awareness. The Second is Acting on it. 

In our everyday lives we all seem to be continually looking for knowledge or information to help improve a situation, or at least make sure we don’t end up in a bad one.  Let’s take for example, traffic. If we live or work in a crowded city with lots of traffic, Continue Reading

Quick Start Guide to Site Publisher Templates | For Hosting Providers and Resellers

Many end-users are looking for a simple way of getting a functional site online as quickly as possible. In our latest release we introduced Site Publisher, a tool that can give your customers a live site in just a few clicks.  As a designer and hosting reseller, I decided to Continue Reading