Prevent Leaks of Sensitive Business Data with Security Gateway

Businesses of all types must maintain records containing personal information about their employees and customers, and executives and clients alike have a mutual interest in protecting that data. But there’s no guarantee that every employee will treat confidential account numbers, Social Security numbers, passport numbers or other personal data with Continue Reading

Strengthening the Security Fabric of Blockchain

Blockchain is a shared and continuously reconciled database used to maintain a list of digital records, called blocks. It is quickly becoming an important tool not just for financial information, but also for managing and recording virtually all types of data, such as medical and other records, identity management, and Continue Reading

Our Retrospectives and Kickoffs are Now Public

As stated in the GitLab Master Plan, we strive to maintain a high level of transparency. That’s why today we are making our release retrospective and kickoff notes and calls public. The Retrospective Meeting After each release we have a retrospective call (usually on the 23rd of each month) in Continue Reading

Security Webcast with Yubico

Git is distributed, meaning that people can maintain a copy of the source code. While Git’s distributed nature is what makes it so popular amongst developers, it is also what makes it a security concern to enterprises. The concern is that your source code is only as secure as the Continue Reading