Agenda for CentOS Board of Directors meeting 2020-02-12 –

Agenda for CentOS Board of Directors meeting 2020-02-12 – Agenda for CentOS Board of Directors meeting 2020-02-12 Wednesday , 12, February 2020 Karsten Wade Board agendas Do Directors have any questions or concerns about the process being followed to update the CentOS Project logo? Full story in this blog Continue Reading

Let the Polling begin! Revamped Polling Feature in 3CX WebMeeting

3CX is a PBX server in Cloud Server 3CX.Contact us to find out our latest offers! Our web meeting polling feature has just received a massive improvement for a quick, simple and easy way to poll meeting participants during a 3CX WebMeeting. Below we have outlined all the new improvements Continue Reading

IoT Security: Trickier Than You Think

In the new digital economy, access to data is critical. Meeting the shifting demands of consumers, monitoring and managing critical network and system components in real time, and creating algorithms to extract meaningful information from the Big Data these devices can generate are all necessary to compete in the new Continue Reading

“Pick Your Brain” Interview with CEO Sid Sijbrandij

I sat down for a “pick your brain” meeting with GitLab’s CEO and Co-founder, Sid Sijbrandij, to learn about his approach towards different aspects of building a successful startup. Here are some highlights of the conversation. Brandon: When you were an earlier company around your seed stage, what were your Continue Reading

Why Code Gets Released too Early (and how to fix It)

Code released before it’s ready might be good for meeting deadlines, but that’s about all it’s good for. Most software products today are in a continual state of development, testing and release, so making sure you’re only shipping code that’s truly ready is both challenging and critical. Our 2016 Global Continue Reading

The Move to Consolidation and Integration: Simplifying Security in Financial Services

In meeting with large financial institutions, the single biggest thing we keep hearing about is the need to simplify and consolidate their security infrastructure. As Financial Services has evolved from person-to-person transactions to a fully digital business model, the industry’s networks have evolved as well, become increasingly complex and more Continue Reading

GitLab 8.13 Released with Multiple Issue Boards and Merge Conflict Editor

We’re traveling around the world and having the pleasure of meeting so many of you. This month we’re proud to present many changes that have been highly requested both in person and on our issue tracker. You’re now able to create multiple issue boards and quickly create issues from them. Continue Reading

HTTP/2 & Let’s Encrypt for WordPress

Our web blog is now meeting the latest security standards and making it HTTP2-ready is easier than you think. Here’s how we switched our web blog ( running on Plesk + NGINX to HTTPS and made it HTTP/2-ready with a free, SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Before we get into Continue Reading