3CX V16 Release Candidate adds the ability to copy extensions and more!

The 3CX development team is now in “code-freeze” mode, which means 3CX v16 has reached Release Candidate (RC) status and is now close to launch! We will be holding a live Q&A session and live stream when the final is ready so make sure to watch this space. Management Console Continue Reading

Group Replication: Prioritise member for the Primary Member Election

In initial Group Replication release,  5.7.17, we included the Single-Primary Mode with automatic membership and fail-over features. The MySQL Server 8.0.2 release has brought further enhancement to Group Replication Single-Primary Mode that will allow users to influence primary member election using integer member weight value. Introduction In the Single-Primary mode, before Continue Reading

Yet Another Padding Oracle in OpenSSL CBC Ciphersuites

Yesterday a new vulnerability has been announced in OpenSSL/LibreSSL. A padding oracle in CBC mode decryption, to be precise. Just like Lucky13. Actually, it’s in the code that fixes Lucky13. It was found by Juraj Somorovsky using a tool he developed called TLS-Attacker. Like in the “old days”, it has Continue Reading