The Porcupine Attack: investigating millions of junk requests

We extensively monitor our network and use multiple systems that give us visibility including external monitoring and internal alerts when things go wrong. One of the most useful systems is Grafana that allows us to quickly create arbitrary dashboards. And a heavy user of Grafana we are: at last count Continue Reading

4 simple steps to optimize your online shop’s performance

Many merchants just starting out know metrics are important, but fewer monitor their performance closely right from the beginning. Unfortunately, this means they are missing out on valuable data that could make an impact on business decisions, and ultimately, success. Today’s video from the experts Business Tech shows you how Continue Reading

Services Monitor

CWP Service monitor is monitoring and restarting selected services on your server. Service will be restared only if exit status shows error.If the service was shutdown and it is showing the status stopped then service monitor will NOT restart it. Example of service when it will NOT be restarted: # Continue Reading