How Your Own People Pose a Threat to Financial Services Cybersecurity

Because financial services organizations are at an inherently greater risk due to the sensitive nature of the data they store, and the often-monetary motivations of cybercriminals, they are keenly aware of the damage that can result from a data breach. Data shows that the financial services sector was the most Continue Reading

Why Employees Could Be the Biggest Threat to Healthcare Data Security

Human beings are prone to making all kinds of mistakes. It’s the nature of being human. However, there are differences in the gravity of mistakes we make based on context – the what, when, where, why, and how often they happen. When it comes to handling healthcare data, human mistakes Continue Reading

Fortinet FortiGuard Labs Cites Increased Cyber Threat Activity in Brazil Deserving Special Attention in Coming Weeks

Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs cybersecurity threat report takes a look at the nature of attacks – how attackers get in, how they manage to persist inside networks, what they want, and who they are. It also provides insight into three key areas of concern that our FortiGuard Labs team has identified, and Continue Reading

Optimizing TLS over TCP to reduce latency

The layered nature of the Internet (HTTP on top of some reliable transport (e.g. TCP), TCP on top of some datagram layer (e.g. IP), IP on top of some link (e.g. Ethernet)) has been very important in its development. Different link layers have come and gone over time (any readers Continue Reading

Can I Install cPanel with Google Compute Engine?

Greetings from the Customer Service Team! Given the nature of most Customer Service departments, they are typically the first line of communication you will have with any given company. Here at cPanel, things are not much different. Being that we have the opportunity to connect with such a wide and Continue Reading