ReadySpace New Update

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200820

New Features[SuperScaler] Added: Order page now can show parent category with flags on top of page[Cloud Server] Added: Cloud Server LS in Singapore Bugs Fixed[SuperScaler] Fixed: Composer/autoload error under php 5.6[SuperScaler] Fixed: Composer/autoload error under php 5.6 with geolocation enabled[SuperScaler] Fixed: IPAM errors due to missing BigInt library[SuperScaler] Fixed: Account Continue Reading

6 Tips for a faster E-Commerce Website

By Timme Hosting The page speed or site speed is a particularly important aspect for a website and even more so for an online shop. Nevertheless, the issue of page speed is often neglected. Everyone has experienced the following situation at least once: you are on a slow site, waiting and Continue Reading

How to optimize product page content to boost sales

The product page is the cornerstone of your e-commerce website. Potential customers should be able to easily find and examine products, and get all the necessary details to prompt them to make a purchase.So it’s essential to analyze performance and optimize product pages when necessary.And that means improving the architecture Continue Reading

You Can Finally Get More Page Rules For 5 For $5

Since CloudFlare launched Page Rules in 2012, our Free, Pro and Business users have been asking for a way to get more Page Rules without committing to the next plan up. Starting today, anyone on CloudFlare can add 5 additional Page Rules for just $5/month. Page Rules allows you to Continue Reading

Today Is A Big Day For Page Rules

Today we’re releasing a whole suite of upgrades to page rules: API support, additional settings, pausing a page rule and a mobile-friendly design. Page Rules is the technology that allows you to configure your CloudFlare settings on a per-URL basis. It’s often our most powerful feature, enabling CloudFlare domain owners Continue Reading