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How to install SSL for tomcat on CWP – Control WebPanel Wiki

The Apache Tomcat® software is an open source implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language and Java WebSocket technologies To install SSL to on a tomcat server, please follow the below steps.Step 1: Create AccountCWP.Admin Left Menu -> User Accounts -> New Account -> Enter domain,username and Continue Reading

An AMP validator you can cURL

Cloudflare has been a long time supporter of AMP, an open-source markup language 1.5 billion web pages are using to accelerate their mobile web performance. Cloudflare runs Ampersand, the only alternative to Google’s AMP cache, and earlier this year we launched Accelerated Mobile Links, a way for sites on Cloudflare Continue Reading

We are changing the IP of GitLab Pages on GitLab.com

GitLab Pages’ IP on GitLab.com is changing from to! Learn which websites are affected by this change, which settings you’ll have to update, and how much time you have to do it. What is changing? We are changing the IP address of GitLab Pages server on GitLab.com to Continue Reading

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) & How Can It Help My Website?

Since Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source initiative, the world has quickly adapted to it. Considered to speed up mobile browsing, the project has had the cooperation of many big names in the technology industry. But what is AMP, how does it affect your SEO efforts and Continue Reading