Data Security Best Practices

With the big data explosion still a thing of the present, the heightened risk of a data breach is top of mind for all individuals. While in a perfect world, there wouldn’t be hackers and cyber criminals looking to wreak havoc for personal gain or just plain enjoyment from being Continue Reading

Partner Spotlight – Data Privacy and Security with ZPGP by

In this Partner Spotlight, we are delighted to present our well known Gold Partner, and introduce their new zimlet ZPGP. The ZPGP zimlet ensures data privacy and security for users of the Zimbra Web Client. Data privacy and security are two crucial topics for our times. Protecting and securing Continue Reading

Zimbra Mobile Plus – How to configure Microsoft Outlook 2013 with shared resources using ActiveSync

Hello, Everyone. In this blog post, I will present another great feature from the new Zimbra Suite Plus. This feature provides the ability to synchronize shared resources in the Zimbra Web Client using ActiveSync, which can then be shared to any device on any platform. In this post, I will Continue Reading

An overview of the Group Replication performance

In this blog post we will present a first look at the performance of Group Replication (GR), now that the RC is out. The goal is to provide some insight on the throughput, latency and scalability one can expect in a modern computing infrastructure, using GR in single- and multi-master Continue Reading

Partner Spotlight – LANCOM ePaper room allocation with Zimbra

Zimbra Collaboration is Private, Secure and Open, and we are thrilled to present our new Blog Spotlights to show all the creations and projects, which our Partners has been developed around Zimbra Collaboration, on this first Blog Post, let me introduce LANCOM ePaper Room allocation. Partner Spotlight – LANCOM ePaper Continue Reading