ReadySpace New Update

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200618

New Features [SuperScaler] Changed: Improved UI for ordering process that looks cleaner and easier. [SuperScaler] Changed: Name changed for Office365 to Microsoft 365. [SuperScaler] Updated: Invoice details for payment that is clearer. [Cloud Infra] Added: Option to upload ISO from local computer. [Cloud Infra] Added: Support for ZSTD backup compression Continue Reading

All the New Plesk Obsidian Features

Plesk’s evolution is an ongoing process since the dynamic hosting industry continues to change proactively. Cloud technologies keep revolutionizing the industry and IT professionals need help managing multiple environments and services more efficiently. Productivity, security and usability are key here and Plesk Obsidian is the timely solution. To help you Continue Reading

New features of Plesk Obsidian

Plesk’s evolution is ongoing process since hosting industry is changing dynamically and proactively. Cloud technologies are revolutionizing the industry and IT professionals need help to manage numerous environments and services in more agile and time-efficient way. Productivity is the core KPI here and Plesk Obsidian is the timely solution for Continue Reading

A Deep Dive Into IcedID Malware: Part II – Analysis of the Core IcedID Payload (Parent Process)

In part I of the blog, I demonstrated how to unpack the IcedID malware, hooking and process injection techniques used by IcedID, as well as how to execute the IcedID payload. In this part, let’s take a closer look at the core payload. 0x01 Overview Of The Payload The following is Continue Reading

Defining the SD-Branch

One of the most important aspects of digital transformation is that it is a continual process. And most people don’t realize that it has been underway for several years, probably beginning when organizations decided to let users have access to the internet. Since then there have been several huge transformational Continue Reading

4 Tips for Sizing Streaming Server Hardware

June 8, 2017 by James Jackson Sizing streaming media server hardware can be a difficult process. When people are asked how much server horsepower they want, answers usually include “as little as possible,” and “enough to get the job done.”  This uncertainty is understandable; you don’t want to buy too much, Continue Reading

3 Rules For Tackling Thousands of Open Issues

Every engineering team likely has a process for triaging issues and allocating them to different team members. Otherwise, it can be difficult to mobilize to put out small fires without losing sight of bigger goals for building new things over the course of your release cycle. At GitLab, the pile Continue Reading

Why Collaboration Tools Matter More Than Ever

Tools that foster collaboration and information sharing throughout the software development process are becoming ever more important as enterprises move towards a DevOps culture. With a majority of developers considering chat and collaboration tools to be essential to their jobs, teams that rely on meetings in person may get left Continue Reading

Revised Assessment of 3.6.4 Security Release

As part of our post-release review process for the 3.6.4 release, the Joomla! Security Strike Team has identified and confirmed an additional side effect of the issue resolved in security advisory 20161002 (CVE-2016-8869) and as such we have revised our assessment of this issue. As stated in the advisory, the Continue Reading

Introducing Dedicated SSL Certificates

When we launched Universal SSL in September 2014 we eliminated the costly and confusing process of securing a website or application with SSL, and replaced it with one free step: sign up for Cloudflare. CC BY 2.0 image by JD Hancock When you complete the sign-up process, we batch your Continue Reading