The ACME Protocol is an IETF Standard – Let’s Encrypt

It has long been a dream of ours for there to be a standardized protocol for certificate issuance and management. That dream has become a reality now that the IETF has standardized the ACME protocol as RFC 8555. I’d like to thank everyone involved in that effort, including Let’s Encrypt Continue Reading

ACME v2 API Endpoint Coming January 2018

Let’s Encrypt will add support for the IETF-standardized ACME v2 protocol in January of 2018. We will be adding a new ACME v2 API endpoint alongside our existing ACME v1 protocol API endpoint. We are not setting an end-of-life date for our ACME v1 API at this time, though we Continue Reading

Analysis of Vulnerability CVE-2016-4957 in NTPD

The Network Time Protocol Daemon (NTPD) by, runs on *nix operation systems. It sets and maintains system time in synchronization with internet standard time servers or local reference clocks. NTPD is shipped with many major server operating systems, routers, and infrastructure devices. CVE-2016-4957 is a high severity vulnerability targeted Continue Reading