Workflow Tips to Ship Faster Without Sacrificing Security or Quality

Release early and often, respond quickly to customer feedback, iterate. Rinse, repeat. The value of getting new features and products in front of customers faster has made its mark on the business world. As a result, development teams are under pressure to shorten release cycles and meet tighter deadlines all Continue Reading

Continuous Integration – a tool developers expect

Continuous Integration – the practice that developers use to detect, locate and fix errors quickly by integrating their code frequently into a shared repository – is becoming a non-negotiable aspect of everyday work. Continuous Integration (CI) automates testing of new code, sparing developers the time-consuming task of checking it manually, Continue Reading

Quick Start Guide to Site Publisher Templates | For Hosting Providers and Resellers

Many end-users are looking for a simple way of getting a functional site online as quickly as possible. In our latest release we introduced Site Publisher, a tool that can give your customers a live site in just a few clicks.  As a designer and hosting reseller, I decided to Continue Reading