How to Achieve Automated, Intelligence-Driven Security

Over the last couple of years, cyberattacks have evolved in both scale and effectiveness, affecting organizations across all industries and geographic regions. Successful cyberattacks are a growing industry-wide problem in spite of billions being spent on cybersecurity solutions. Part of the reason is that new techniques- and in fact a Continue Reading

Automating Defenses Against Assembly-Line Attacks

Cybercriminals and rogue governments are using automation to deploy malware with speed and scale. A manual approach to defense isn’t enough, which is why we must understand how we got into this situation. Infrastructure Trends: Cloud, Encryption, and Crimeware-as-a-Service Cloud adoption infrastructure trend has far-reaching implications for cybersecurity. Fortinet’s recent Threat Continue Reading

Evolving towards a Homogenous Society: The Risk of the New Digital Economy

The recent WannaCry attack was interesting for a couple of reasons. First, the speed and scale of the attack was impressive. Over the course of a couple of days, hundreds of thousands of systems were affected and disrupted. Second, it also unveiled a disturbing trend. The attack malware exploited a Continue Reading

Extending the Security Fabric: Refining the Security Operations Center

Monitoring, managing, and protecting the formless scope and scale of today’s highly distributed and dynamically changing digital enterprise network is a daunting task for IT and Security Operations Teams. The proliferation of IoT and mobile devices, the convergence of IT and OT, and adoption of cloud-based networking and services is Continue Reading

IoT is the Weakest Link for Attacking the Cloud

As cloud-based services continue to increase in scope and scale, there isn’t a single organization that wouldn’t benefit in some way from the cloud. Indeed, with the promise of lowering OPEX, while reducing or even abolishing CAPEX, the cloud can enable an organization to better focus on its core business, which Continue Reading

How to find a successful online business idea with Tshirt Corner

Learn how to find the right online business idea and scale up in style! Get insight from the first-hand experience of this trendy online French tshirt store. Tshirt Corner tells us all about how developing sponsorship, partnerships and communication has helped them grow from launching a single t-shirt brand to Continue Reading