Talent and Security Today: Your Biggest Threat?

Some say the biggest threat to security today is the talent gap. Although that may not be necessarily true, talent remains a concern for organizations of all sizes around the globe. Fortinet’s Stephan Tallent shares some perspective: An interview with Stephan Tallent Can you give us a glimpse into how Continue Reading

Zimbra Collaboration 8.7 and Zimbra Desktop, 2FA and Password Lock

Zimbra wants to offer better Security on our products, so I’m thrilled to introduce two new features that Zimbra Desktop 7.2.8 brings to the public. Zimbra Desktop – Password Lock Starting with Zimbra Desktop 7.2.8, the end user can protect Zimbra Desktop with a password. You will find this new Continue Reading

The Myth of the ”Platform” Security Strategy

We all know about the challenges of having far too many security vendors deployed across our networks.  In Fortinet’s most recent research, surveying over 1,000 CSOs across ten countries about their top concerns, 59% of respondents stated that the greatest challenge to achieving automated and consistent security policies across their Continue Reading

Extending Your NGFW for Complete Application Security

Security vendors have been touting the advantages of next-generation firewalls (NGFW) that provide application inspection for several years now. As application traffic became more prevalent, criminals found that hiding malware inside application traffic was an excellent way to bypass traditional security.  They still do. But now, application traffic is ubiquitous. Continue Reading

Weaving The Security Fabric Together: Fortinet Acquires AccelOps

One of the biggest security challenges organizations face is being able to see enough of the network to identify today’s most advanced, multi-vector threats. Ideally, you need to be able to see across the distributed network, including cloud deployments and devices from multiple network and security vendors, correlate detected local Continue Reading

On-Demand Polymorphic Code In Ransomware

Ransomware is now a common term not only in the security industry, but also in our day-to-day life. A new ransomware seems to pop up almost every given day. What we don’t normally see is how codes are implemented within these malware. Ransomware employs different techniques and attack vectors in order Continue Reading

Turning Network Security Inside Out

Over the years, network security solutions and deployment has been built on the assumption that threats originate outside the enterprise network – trust was put in the internal network, while security was mostly deployed at the perimeter to provide protection from the outside threats and hackers. While security infrastructure has Continue Reading

Analysis of Use-After-Free Vulnerability (CVE-2016-4119) in Adobe Acrobat and Reader

SummaryRecently, Adobe patched some security vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Reader. One of them is a use-after-free vulnerability (CVE-2016-4119) discovered by Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs. In this blog, we want to share our analysis of this vulnerability.Proof of ConceptThis vulnerability can be reproduced by opening the PDF file “PoC_decrypt.pdf” with Adobe Continue Reading

Fundamental Rules of Healthcare Security

The year 2015 saw an accelerated rate of change in healthcare security – and many of those changes were not encouraging. On one hand, the availability and usefulness of patient data has skyrocketed – good for healthcare providers but also lucrative for those seeking to use it for nefarious purposes. Continue Reading

How Secure is Your Company’s Financial Data?

Businesses today face an ever-evolving threatscape with growing pressure to rethink security strategies for long-term sustainability. As a result, corporate finance teams are more actively partnering with IT to ensure the organization’s security strategies protect critical financial data. Fortinet’s Araldo Menegon discusses the issues and trends affecting corporate finance teams Continue Reading