E-commerce delivery: Why is it essential to provide an optimal logistic experience on your web shop

Delivery Delivery is becoming increasingly important for online shoppers. These days, many web shops are focusing on delivering orders as fast as possible, but they often do not offer enough options. A European study (MetaPack “Flexible delivery options” 2015) with 3,000 online shoppers, aged 18 to 65, indicated that the Continue Reading

How to use UGC to improve customer experience

UGC can be a real magnet for shoppers on your eCommerce site. There are different ways that you can incorporate UGC on your pages in order to cater to shoppers at different stages of their shopping journey. Let’s have a closer look of how UGC can be incorporated onto your Continue Reading

Retargeting Basics for Online Merchants

As online shoppers, we’ve all experienced it: while window shopping on a website, you decide you’re not quite ready to make a purchase and go back to skimming Buzzfeed articles. As you continue to browse the internet, you notice the products you just finished browsing hovering at the edge of Continue Reading