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How to install Adminer Database management – Control WebPanel Wiki

Database management in a single PHP filewebsite: https://www.adminer.org/ 1.Download Adminer from the downloads page cd /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/ mkdir adm;cd adm https://github.com/vrana/adminer/releases/download/v4.7.1/adminer-4.7.1.php mv adminer-4.7.1.php adminer.php cd /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/ chown cwpsvc:cwpsvc -R adm 2.Add below config to /usr/local/cwpsrv/conf/cwp_services.conf location /adm { root /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services; index index.html index.htm index.php adminer.php; location ~ .php$ { try_files $uri Continue Reading

MAAS – Fast and efficient virtualisation for small and medium enterprises

The advent of virtualisation has significantly changed the way we use IT infrastructure. In theory, the ability to share single server resources to run multiple isolated operating systems provides flexibility and promises easy operations. However, in practice, managing virtualised infrastructure can be quite expensive and complex as a result of Continue Reading

On Corporate ImageStreams as a Centrally Maintained Trusted Source

OpenShift provides a single namespace containing all the ImageStreams that could be considered part of the platform: all these images are maintained and provided by OpenShift Origin, CentOS, Software Collections Library or Red Hat. One separate Namespace for your Images It could be considered a good practice to separate all Continue Reading

The Move to Consolidation and Integration: Simplifying Security in Financial Services

In meeting with large financial institutions, the single biggest thing we keep hearing about is the need to simplify and consolidate their security infrastructure. As Financial Services has evolved from person-to-person transactions to a fully digital business model, the industry’s networks have evolved as well, become increasingly complex and more Continue Reading

IoT is the Weakest Link for Attacking the Cloud

As cloud-based services continue to increase in scope and scale, there isn’t a single organization that wouldn’t benefit in some way from the cloud. Indeed, with the promise of lowering OPEX, while reducing or even abolishing CAPEX, the cloud can enable an organization to better focus on its core business, which Continue Reading

2-Phase Commit in NDBCluster

This is a description of the simplest case of 2-phase commit (2PC) in NDBCluster: one transaction, containing a single insert, update or delete operation on a single row. The PREPARE phase of the 2PC is initiated by the API node (which is a mysqld or a NoSQL client) sending a Continue Reading

mod_security for CWP

Installation and management of the mod_security with CWP is very simple, you can install it with a single click. To install mod_security you only need to click on the “install mod security” button in your cwp.admin –> Security –> Mod Security With installation of mod_security you are also getting OWASP Continue Reading