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Happy birthday, CentOS! [embedded content] 15 years ago, the CentOS project started up in order to fill a gap left by a change in the way that Red Hat decided to market their product. Many of the people that were involved in those early days are still involved today, although Continue Reading

Private Git Repositories: Part 2B – Repository SSH Keys

In this series on using private Git repositories with OpenShift, we started out by looking at the different types of protocols that can be used when accessing a Git repository. We also looked at how these combined with different credential types to control access to a private Git repository. We Continue Reading

Petya’s Master Boot Record Infection

Last week we started our technical analysis on Petya (also called NotPetya) and its so-called “killswitch.” In that blog post we mentioned that Petya looks for a file in the Windows folder that has the same filename (no extension) as itself (for example: C:WindowsPetya). If it exists, it terminates by Continue Reading

Is SuiteCRM now the world’s most beautiful CRM?

 When we started the SuiteCRM project three years ago we had only one goal in mind: To create the world’s most powerful, flexible, fully-featured open source CRM. That took a lot of effort. From the Minimum Viable Product that comprised SugarCRM’s Community Edition, we added Quotes, Products, Contracts, Invoices, Events, Continue Reading

How to use GitLab CI and MacStadium to build your macOS or iOS projects

In this article, we will see how to get started with MacStadium, a provider that offers dedicated Mac hardware which you can use with GitLab CI and build your macOS or iOS application. Continuous Integration and Delivery with GitLab is easier if you are developing your application on Linux. All Continue Reading

Christmas 2016: PrestaShop is here to help you prepare for the online shopping season!

Do you hear the sound of jingle bells? Yes… the countdown to the 2016 holiday season has started and so have PrestaShop #JingleDays ! From November through January, we’re here to help you during the busiest online shopping season of the year! We know the next few weeks will be very busy for Continue Reading

The Best of Both Worlds – How Fortinet is Securing Your Data Center

With each passing day, enterprise networks are evolving. It started with the advent of virtualization, when companies realized that they don’t need a single server per application. Ever since, there has been a consistent march towards the purely virtual data center. While networks are evolving, so are the threats they Continue Reading

Golden October with Amazon Payments

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to get started with Amazon Payments: Sow the seeds to help grow your business by 22 September 2016 and earn up to 3 months without service fees*. Offer Amazon Payments to your customers for a trusted, fast, and secure way to pay. Make it predictably Continue Reading

Did You Know? Getting Started with Zimbra Desktop

Did you know that it’s easy to get started with Zimbra Desktop? Click here to download Zimbra Desktop for Windows, Mac or Linux. Once you have Zimbra Desktop installed, open the application. You will be prompted to add a new account. As you can see from the menu below, you Continue Reading

E-commerce success story: How Tealer conquered a unique Tshirt market

Tealer is a French streetwear-inspired clothing brand. The company started out with a brick-and-mortar store and added an online component in 2012 with PrestaShop. Today, the site represents half of the company’s turnover, and has been growing each year for the last 3 years. In 2015 alone, they recorded 15,000 Continue Reading