Incomplete Patch: More Joomla! Core XSS Vulnerabilities Are Found

Joomla! is one of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMS). It enables users to build Web sites and powerful online applications. More than 3 percent of Web sites are running Joomla!, and it accounts for more than 9 percent of CMS market share. As of July 2017, Joomla! Continue Reading

Hughes-Fortinet Partnership Brings Zero-Touch Simplicity to Distributed Retail Organizations

Hughes Network Systems is a leading managed network service provider for highly distributed enterprises that need to operate and deliver uniform performance across large numbers of branch locations. They have been a long-time Fortinet partner, delivering innovative managed network solutions that leverage Fortinet platforms by combining Fortinet’s security capabilities with Continue Reading

Virtual Reality and 360° Streaming Trends 2017

Ryan Jespersen:                My name’s Ryan Jespersen and I work for Wowza Media Systems. We’re a media server company. Joining me today is Gordon Charles, who’s one of our customers over at University College London. We’ll take turns talking up here and talk about the use case for VR and Continue Reading

Byline: Healthcare in the Crosshairs

Healthcare systems are consistently a preferred target of cybercriminals. Today, whenever a cyberattack occurs, healthcare networks seem to be right in the crosshairs. There are reasons for this. Historically, healthcare networks have been reasonablely easy to break into. Despite the implementation of new EHR systems and critical infrastructure for healthcare Continue Reading

Why Git is Worth the Learning Curve

Over the last decade, distributed version control systems, like Git, have gained popularity and are regarded as the most important development tools by developers. Although the learning curve can pose a challenge, developers told us that Git enhances their ability to work together and ship faster, suggesting that managers have Continue Reading

Fortinet Security Fabric: Protecting the Unique Environment of Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control System (ICS) is a general term for command and control systems designed to support industrial processes. We find ICS environments in all industries: manufacturing, automotive, medical systems, refineries, power, water, and more. With the rise of Industrial IoT (I-IoT), connected devices such as electric meters, water flow gauges, pipeline Continue Reading

Healthcare Digital Transformation & HIMSS17

Healthcare systems spanning the globe are recognizing the potential of digital technologies and looking to leverage them to develop new business models, new revenue streams, and a better customer experience across the industry. When speaking about “digital” technologies impacting the industry in 2017, we at Fortinet are focused on four Continue Reading

The Analysis of ISC BIND NSEC Record Handling DoS (CVE-2016-9147)

The latest patch for BIND from the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) fixes a NESC record-related bug. Remote BIND recursive servers may crash when attempting to handle the specifically-crafted query response with NESC record sent by attackers, thereby causing a denial of service (DoS). This potential DoS vulnerability is caused by Continue Reading

Analysis of ISC BIND TKEY Query Response Handling DoS (CVE-2016-9131)

Another TKEY record-related bug in BIND has been fixed with a patch from the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) that was released just after the New Year. This bug may take down BIND recursive servers by sending a simple query response with TKEY record, thereby causing a denial of service (DoS). This potential Continue Reading

The Porcupine Attack: investigating millions of junk requests

We extensively monitor our network and use multiple systems that give us visibility including external monitoring and internal alerts when things go wrong. One of the most useful systems is Grafana that allows us to quickly create arbitrary dashboards. And a heavy user of Grafana we are: at last count Continue Reading