Addressing Known and Unknown Operational Technology Threats

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a convergence of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds, known as cyber-physical systems. And it is utterly transforming the technology systems that support things we don’t usually see, like manufacturing, transportation, energy production and distribution, water and waste management, Continue Reading

How to block incoming users or domains

Hello everyone, Zimbra Collaboration includes anti-SPAM and antivirus technologies such as Postscreen, Spamassasin, Amavis, ClamAV, etc. But sometimes, for legal reasons, etc., we need to block certain senders or even entire domains from sending unsolicited email. To do this, we will use the tools that come native to Zimbra Collaboration, Continue Reading

Financial Services: The Opportunities of Going Mobile

As economies evolve, shifts happen in the practices of how certain industries operate. New technologies arrive changing the way things are done, and companies either adapt or fall behind. We live in a consumer-oriented world, where companies are constantly changing their practices to better the experience of their customers and Continue Reading

Infographic: Protecting Today’s Financial Services Industry in a Digital Environment

Consumers around the world across a variety of industries are adopting digital technologies to improve their daily lives, and they expect organizations to support this behavior. In the financial services sector, they’re using technologies like digital banking and insurance apps for tasks that used to be completed offline. While the Continue Reading

The Secret to Developer Happiness? Use Better Tools

Great software is built by great people—not “magic bullet” tools or technologies. However, research reveals that the tools you choose for your team may have a greater impact on developer happiness and retention that you thought. In fact, a whopping 81% of developers say that it’s critical organizations use the Continue Reading

Healthcare Digital Transformation & HIMSS17

Healthcare systems spanning the globe are recognizing the potential of digital technologies and looking to leverage them to develop new business models, new revenue streams, and a better customer experience across the industry. When speaking about “digital” technologies impacting the industry in 2017, we at Fortinet are focused on four Continue Reading

Unseen Dangers—Obfuscation Tools & Cybercrime

Ever since the arrival of advanced persistent threats, obfuscation technologies have existed to help cybercriminals evade security detection and tracing. It’s an ongoing evolution of technology on the bad guys’ end. It really started with antivirus evasion, years ago.  Today, we have about 500,000 virus samples coming into FortiGuard Labs Continue Reading