Release Early, Release Often

Another trend that keeps popping onto the radar is a continuing reduction in time between deploys. In this post we’re looking at what that means and why it’s happened. Note: this post is the second of the series on Trends in Version Control. The first one explored Innersourcing. Software development Continue Reading

Using Context to Predict the Future

The vast majority of security strategies are reactive. The goal is to close the gap between the time to compromise and time to discover. According to the 2016 DBIR report, this compromise time is minutes for a majority (over 80%) of breaches. Solving this problem is complicated because threats are Continue Reading

Analysis of Vulnerability CVE-2016-4957 in NTPD

The Network Time Protocol Daemon (NTPD) by, runs on *nix operation systems. It sets and maintains system time in synchronization with internet standard time servers or local reference clocks. NTPD is shipped with many major server operating systems, routers, and infrastructure devices. CVE-2016-4957 is a high severity vulnerability targeted Continue Reading

Why eCommerce Merchants need to know about social listening

It seems like every time we turn on our computers or tune into tech news, there is another new app or technology to grab our attention. It’s why you might be sceptical when new buzzwords like “social listening” pop up in your newsfeeds. Although social listening might sound like just Continue Reading

8 awesome ideas for social media content

The coolest thing about social media is that it happens in real time. Regardless of which platform you prefer, you have access to an online community making connections and sharing information 24 / 7. But between managing your business and social media pages, you may find yourself running out of Continue Reading

Your Gossip Is Public

From time to time, AV analysts encounter “funny” Android malware or PUA: Riskware/Secretmimi!Android is one of those.  This riskware is a social app used to share secrets (gossip). The “fun” part is that you certainly should not use it if you expect them to remain secret 😉 Besides using aggressive adkits such Continue Reading

The curious case of slow downloads

Some time ago we discovered that some very slow downloads were getting abruptly terminated and began investigating whether that was a client (i.e. web browser) or server (i.e. us) problem. Some users were unable to download a binary file a few megabytes in length. The story was simple—the download connection Continue Reading