Development corner: IDEs and tools that can make your coding more productive | Ubuntu

Every craft needs craftsmen, every craftsman needs tools. If you make a living developing code, you want a friendly ecosystem to help you achieve best results from your work. Good development software will allow you to achieve higher productivity and precision, leading to a product that is more effective and Continue Reading

CentOS Web Panel News

How many php versions I can run on the single server – Control WebPanel Wiki

With cwp we give you these 3 main tools to run php in many different ways. – PHP Switcher– PHP Selector– PHP-FPM Selector PHP SwitcherThis is the main PHP version in cwp which is used as a default for all new clients and domains.You can have only a single version Continue Reading

A Layered Approach to Cybersecurity: People, Processes, and Technology

A Layered Approach to Cybersecurity Many think of a layered approach to cybersecurity in terms of technology and tools. This means having various security controls in place to protect separate entryways. For example, deploying a web application firewall, endpoint protections, and secure email gateways, rather than relying only on traditional perimeter Continue Reading

Our New Low-Latency Streaming Network: Who Wants In?

August 10, 2017 by Dave Stubenvoll When we founded Wowza in 2005, our goal was to create the tools to deliver video and audio content seamlessly, and with greater stability and control. Twelve years and 20,000 customers later, Wowza has become the gold standard for an industry that is exploding Continue Reading

Inside GitLab’s Code Review Flow

Code review, or engineers manually reviewing code as it is being developed, is one of several tools that organizations have to maintain code quality. Having a clean codebase allows developers to quickly build new features, which comes in handy if you find yourself needing to react promptly to the market. Continue Reading

Why Collaboration Tools Matter More Than Ever

Tools that foster collaboration and information sharing throughout the software development process are becoming ever more important as enterprises move towards a DevOps culture. With a majority of developers considering chat and collaboration tools to be essential to their jobs, teams that rely on meetings in person may get left Continue Reading

Top 10 Features to boost sales and run your e-commerce business more efficiently

In an ever growing and competitive online market, you are always looking for the right tools and features to help you sprint ahead. That’s why we offer innovative built-in features to boost your sales and run your e-commerce business more efficiently. Run all types of products Key features: type of Continue Reading

Why More Companies Are Adopting Open Source Technology

98 percent of developers use open source tools – even when they’re not supposed to! Here’s why. Our Global Developer Report explores how developers’ methods are changing, and how businesses can adapt to get the best out of their development teams. More than half of our respondents identified as developer Continue Reading

The Secret to Developer Happiness? Use Better Tools

Great software is built by great people—not “magic bullet” tools or technologies. However, research reveals that the tools you choose for your team may have a greater impact on developer happiness and retention that you thought. In fact, a whopping 81% of developers say that it’s critical organizations use the Continue Reading

Fortinet 2017 Cybersecurity Predictions: Accountability Takes the Stage

With the growth and pervasiveness of online devices and digital tools, we reached a critical tipping point in 2016. The need for accountability at multiple levels is urgent and real and affects us all. If something isn’t done, there is a real risk of disrupting the emerging Digital Economy. Even Continue Reading