Four Reasons for Investing in Your WAN Edge

The traditional network model of a central, physical data center hub with spokes running out to fixed locations has gone the way of the mainframe and electric typewriter – once mainstays of business. Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, while business-critical productivity and collaboration applications run in the cloud. The rise Continue Reading

Partnering with an MSSP for a More Secure Digital Business

In just the past few years, network architectures have begun to evolve from traditional, point-to-point connections between controlled network devices to a highly meshed ecosystem of interconnected networks. This hyper-connected architecture of traditional, private, public cloud, and remote networks and devices is being driven by the need to leverage data as Continue Reading

Ecommerce and traditional marketing: a combined approach for your business

Ecommerce and traditional marketing: a combined approach for your business The use of the internet and the impact that this has had on consumer habits has grown rapidly over the past decade. It has also had an effect on the marketing approaches of businesses to feature a more ecommerce style. Even Continue Reading

The MediaDS Bridges Live-Streaming Video Production and Delivery

May 18, 2017 by Holly Regan In traditional broadcast workflows, there were people who created content, and other people who put it over the airwaves. But the traditional model is crumbling. In the world of the internet, user-generated content, social media and subscription-based TV, a new content delivery platform must emerge. Enter Continue Reading

Introducing TLS with Client Authentication

In a traditional TLS handshake, the client authenticates the server, and the server doesn’t know too much about the client. However, starting now, Cloudflare is offering enterprise customers TLS with client authentication, meaning that the server additionally authenticates that the client connecting to it is authorized to connect. TLS Client Continue Reading

Byline: Meeting The Challenge of Securing the Cloud

The cloud has been a powerfully disruptive technology, transforming traditional network architectures that have been in place for decades, allowing businesses to be more agile, responsive and available than ever before. In fact, networking experts predict that by 2020 cloud data centers will house as much as 92 percent of Continue Reading

DIY and e-commerce: How to breathe new life into a traditional market

The Spanish company SelfPackaging recently breathed new life into a traditional and widely marketed product by developing a comprehensive range of fully customizable and easy-to-assemble packaging. SelfPackaging launched in 2009 and now enjoys international success thanks to its unique and attractively priced DIY solution for companies and individuals. In this Continue Reading

FortiHypervisor: Another Fortinet Innovation Milestone

Most organizations face challenges with deploying new networking services on traditional CPE.  They need to adapt quickly to changing business conditions, but their CPE infrastructure gets in the way of quickly deploying or customizing a service.   The impact to business is real.  For one, it takes too long to deploy Continue Reading