All You Need to Know about the New WordPress Toolkit 3.5 [ VIDEO ]

1.    New Hotlink Protection Preventing other websites from displaying, linking or embedding your images (hotlinking), as this quickly drains your bandwidth and can make your site unavailable. 2.    Disable unused scripting languages This security measure removes support for the scripting languages WordPress doesn’t use, like Python and Perl. Thus, blocking Continue Reading

We are changing the IP of GitLab Pages on

GitLab Pages’ IP on is changing from to! Learn which websites are affected by this change, which settings you’ll have to update, and how much time you have to do it. What is changing? We are changing the IP address of GitLab Pages server on to Continue Reading

Watch Out For Fake Online Gaming Sites And Their Malicious Executables

Every year during holiday seasons, the number of phishing websites increases. This is particularly true for online gaming distribution platforms. In some cases, users not only have their login credentials stolen, but they also end up downloading and executing malicious executables. As expected, the more popular a platform is, the Continue Reading

How we brought HTTPS Everywhere to the cloud (part 1)

CloudFlare’s mission is to make HTTPS accessible for all our customers. It provides security for their websites, improved ranking on search engines, better performance with HTTP/2, and access to browser features such as geolocation that are being deprecated for plaintext HTTP. With Universal SSL or similar features, a simple button Continue Reading

Opportunistic Encryption: Bringing HTTP/2 to the unencrypted web

Encrypting the web is not an easy task. Various complexities prevent websites from migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, including mixed content, which can prevent sites from functioning with HTTPS. Opportunistic Encryption provides an additional level of security to websites that have not yet moved to HTTPS and the performance benefits Continue Reading

Bandwidth Costs Around the World

CloudFlare protects over 4 million websites using our global network which spans 86 cities across 45 countries. Running this network give us a unique vantage point to track the evolving cost of bandwidth around the world. CC BY-SA 2.0 image by Quinn Dombrowski Recap Two years ago, we previewed the Continue Reading

6 Outdated Designs You Need to Remove At Once from your Website

Back in the day, websites captured users’ attention by using cool animation and effects. It’s 2017, and these tricks don’t work anymore. The users of today are web-savvy and have a short attention span due to their fast-paced lives. So, you’ve got a mere 15 seconds to grab their interest Continue Reading