Integrating Cloud-Native Security Across Multi-Cloud Networks

In today’s rapidly evolving, digitally-driven economy, the window of opportunity that businesses have to capitalize on shifting markets and consumer demands is continually getting shorter. To keep up, application developers and IT teams need to also perpetually shorten the development lifecycle of systems and applications, while at the same time Continue Reading

Customize your 3CX Live Chat & Talk WordPress Website Plugin

You can now customize your 3CX Live Chat & Talk chat window by adding your corporate brand colors. You will also notice that we’ve refreshed the chat’s look somewhat too! Add your Personal (brand) Touch Customize the chat window with your organization’s brand colors. The Primary and Secondary color options Continue Reading

Retargeting Basics for Online Merchants

As online shoppers, we’ve all experienced it: while window shopping on a website, you decide you’re not quite ready to make a purchase and go back to skimming Buzzfeed articles. As you continue to browse the internet, you notice the products you just finished browsing hovering at the edge of Continue Reading