The Role of WebRTC in Low-Latency Media Streaming

August 15, 2017 by Tsahi Levent-Levi Adobe recently wrote a touching obituary to Flash, announcing 2020 as the date of passing. While we’ve all known the end was near, having a date has set us free to look seriously at other options. One of the major advantages of using Flash Continue Reading

CISO Customer Panel – Accelerate 2017

I recently wrote about the general sessions held on the first day of Accelerate. There was so much great information presented that I couldn’t do justice to it in the general overview I posted of the morning’s events. So I wanted to take a few minutes and provide some deeper Continue Reading

The Daily DDoS: Ten Days of Massive Attacks

Back in March my colleague Marek wrote about a Winter of Whopping Weekend DDoS Attacks where we were seeing 400Gbps attacks occurring mostly at the weekends. We speculated that attackers were busy with something else during the week. This winter we’ve seen a new pattern, and attackers aren’t taking the Continue Reading

New Era in Anti-Virus Detection Evasions

In the last couple of months, we wrote about the discoveries we found in Dridex, the long-lived banking Trojan that is still quite active in-the-wild. In the blog post, TL;DR, we mentioned the Trojan has equipped with new module that could be used to evade one of the anti-virus products, Continue Reading

Lizard Squad Ransom Threats: New Name, Same Faux Armada Collective M.O.

CloudFlare recently wrote about the group of cyber criminals claiming to be be the “Armada Collective.” In that article, we stressed that this group had not followed through on any of the ransom threats they had made. Quite simply, this copycat group of cyber criminals had not actually carried out Continue Reading

The revenge of the listening sockets

Back in November we wrote a blog post about one latency spike. Today I’d like to share a continuation of that story. As it turns out, the misconfigured rmem setting wasn’t the only source of added latency. It looked like Mr Wolf hadn’t finished his job. [youtube] After adjusting Continue Reading

A Deep Dive Into DNS Packet Sizes: Why Smaller Packet Sizes Keep The Internet Safe

Yesterday we wrote about the 400 gigabit per second attacks we see on our network. One way that attackers DDoS websites is by repeatedly doing DNS lookups that have small queries, but large answers. The attackers spoof their IP address so that the DNS answers are sent to the server Continue Reading