Three steps to boost your local and international sales

Are you just starting out in e-commerce? Do you want to optimize your sales in your country? Do you want to expand abroad?

Adapt your offer to meet your customers’ needs, whether they’re just a few miles away, or on the other side of the world. This strategy is known as glocal (from local + global), and involves offering each customer the best possible solution.

Here are three essential tips to boost your sales by adopting this strategy.

1. Start by targeting your local market

When you’re embarking on an e-commerce adventure, the priority is usually to develop in your country before anywhere else. However, each market has its own methods of payment, delivery and product promotion. The first step is to adapt to your own market, to understand the preferred solutions among the local customer base.

Did you know? Brazilians use boletos to pay for online purchases. The printable coupons allow customers to pay for purchases in banks or points of sale by making payments in cash or via transfer.

Are you in Brazil? Offer a Boleto payment option at the risk of losing many conversions.

PrestaShop encourages the contributors of its community to develop local modules to support merchants in their growth. You thereby have the certainty of having PrestaShop Addons modules that meet your customers’ expectations. Local modules developers are supported by our Integration Fund.

Find the local modules available in your country in the new category dedicated to these modules.


2. Starting out abroad

Developing your business in your country is necessary at first, but developing abroad is a strong growth driver. According to a recent study conducted by PayPal, 64% of French e-merchants sell internationally, 59% in Germany and 56% in the United Kingdom. More than half of those who do not yet sell internationally intend to start doing so in 2016.

To make the most of this opportunity, choosing an international payment and delivery method is an essential first step. These modules enable you to reach more customers all around the world. Buyers are reassured to see familiar and safe solutions.

Imagine that you are playing darts. Choosing a global service guarantees that you will hit the target.

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To stand out even more, the next level is to target strategic markets and adapt your offer to them.

3. Identify and target your priority markets

It is a good idea to expand internationally with recognized modules.
Getting equipped with the best local modules for your target markets is even better!

Do not hesitate to offer your customers different payment and delivery methods. The more options your offer has (in a reasonable extent, of course), the more your order fulfillment process will convert prospects.
According to the recent PayPal study, 66% of merchants with international presence offer their customers different payment methods.

Tip! Find the most popular online payment methods by country in our Payment Guide.

Pay also attention to legal restrictions. Let’s take the Portugal as an example. To prevent tax fraud, the government made issuing electronic invoices mandatory. So in order to comply with the law, it is highly recommended to use Portuguese invoice issuance software. Needless to say that it is important to offer your customers invoices that meet standards, to avoid any legal issue.

Do you want to sell in Portugal? Save time by automating certified invoices with the KeyInvoice module.

More generally, we allow you to find on PrestaShop Addons the main local modules by country. There’s nothing like an example, learn below how to find the local Brazilian modules:


The more comprehensive and localized the offer, the more it will set your store apart from the competition. Such a glocal strategy gives e-merchants access to key growth drivers.

To use the darts example again: combining a local and global approach is like throwing several darts simultaneously and hitting the whole target.

Don’t wait any longer—make the most of your store now!

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