Effective server maintenance: Every step you need to take | Plesk Help

6-min read A well-maintained server can be the perfect IT labour, working day-in, day-out without kicking up a fuss. Simply serving web pages without complaint. However, ensuring that your server operates that smoothly involves a degree of regular monitoring. And doing a couple of things that prevent various server failures. Continue Reading

How to schedule your regular website management tasks – Plesk Tips

7-min read Getting a website up and running is just the first step of building your business’ online presence. There are a lot of website maintenance and management tasks you need to complete on a regular basis, from daily to annually. The best way to tackle this wide range of Continue Reading

Best practices to strengthen Plesk server security – Plesk Tips

What we suggest here is migration to the new server. With a successful attack, intruders raise their privileges to root level – meaning they can do anything with the server. And just because you find malware/rootkits during investigation and clean it, doesn’t guarantee no others inside your system. It’s possible Continue Reading

WordPress Security: How to stop SQL injections – Plesk Tips

5-min read We all know that WordPress has historically been very vulnerable to hacks of all sorts. So most good web hosts will practice good WordPress security measures to avoid falling  victim to hacking. However, it can be hard to keep track of all the risks and develop a security Continue Reading