Update for the 3CX Client for Android: Available in BETA

Try out the BETA release of the 3CX VoIP client for AndroidA new BETA update of the 3CX client for Android is available for download and it includes some features to enhance the user experience for our Android users. Such features include the ability to long press on your profile picture and change your status as well as  improved dial pad number editing.

Check out this BETA by signing up to our BETA Tester program here. So sign up and get a taste of what is to come in the next final release!

Make sure to post your feedback on the 3CX Forums.

What’s included:

  • Added the ability to long press on your profile picture to add a custom status message like: “In a meeting” etc.
  • Added a full date-time format in callhistory next to all historical contacts.
  • Improved the ability to edit numbers on the dialpad.
  • Improved TCP/UDP selection in the settings menus.

View the complete change log.

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