Using Services to Fill Critical Security Gaps

Adopting Security Services

To address these challenges, along with the growing cybersecurity skills gap that is impacting organizations of every size, businesses need to consider adopting security services to supplement or even replace their existing security programs and solutions. This approach can tighten security, fill critical gaps, and address issues like TCO, CAPEX, and OPEX.

Here are three essential security services that organizations of any size should be considering:

Subscribing to threat intelligence feeds

To remain effective, security tools require access to real-time research and threat intelligence. Up-to-date and extensive knowledge of the threat landscape is the foundation for providing effective security and essential for detecting and responding quickly to new threats. Effective threat intelligence needs to provide insight into threats anywhere in the world, deliver real-time intelligence to defend against fast-moving threats, identify new avenues of attack, and be easily integrated with local threat intelligence.

Selecting a security-focused partner

Professional security consultants can help you stay ahead of the criminal community by seeing and addressing risks and challenges that you may not realize are putting your data at risk. These include:

  • Integrating security technologies
  • Unifying disparate security protocols
  • Consistently applying services
  • Automating protocols and processes

Implementing Security-as-a-Service

Outsourcing security to MSSPs and other security services organizations helps ensure defense-in-depth across distributed network environments to address the growing cyber threat challenge and security skills shortages. One survey predicts that security services will account for over half of IT security spending in the coming year. 

Final Thoughts

Security services ensure that organizations of all sizes can consistently receive the security support they need across their entire security lifecycle, including planning, designing, implementing, integrating, managing, operating, and optimizing the security infrastructure—all provided by experienced security professionals with broad visibility into global threat trends and strategies. This ensures that you are expanding your defenses effectively while continually fortifying and refining your security strategy with enhanced service solutions. 

SecurityWeek, “Enhance Your Security Posture Through Security Services” by John Maddison, January 24, 2019

Organizations do not need to own every aspect of their security operation in order to be protected. In fact, carefully selecting security services can reduce overhead, free up resources, and improve overall security at the same time. They allow organizations to reassign limited resources to more critical security tasks, close the gap between threat detection and response, and implement a defense-in-depth strategy that puts additional eyes and hands on the job of securing your critical resources without the costs associated with continuous recruiting, training, and managing.

For more information on this topic, please refer to the entire article, “Enhance Your Security Posture Through Security Services” posted on the SecurityWeek website.

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