Making calls from your desktop has never been easier with the Google Chrome Extension added in 3CX Update 4 Beta. The Chrome extension adds the web client within the browser, meaning you can make and receive calls directly from your desktop without the need to open the web client in a new tab, nor having the browser active. Instantly take action to calls via a pop up no matter the window you are working in – be it Office 365, CRM or more.

No Distractions – Let the Call Come to You

3CX Google Chrome Extension

Busy working on an email or document? Get alerted of calls via pop-ups even if the browser window is minimized or closed. This is made possible with the 3CX Extension for Chrome, which no longer requires the web client to be active to make and receive calls.

Browsing the net and came across a number to call? Jump in and launch a call directly from the window you’re in. With built-in Click to Call functionality, you can dial directly from where you’re at.

Configuration is easy:

  1. Login to your Web Client and click on “Install 3CX Extension for Chrome” to open the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click “Add to Chrome” to add the extension to your browser and “Add extension” in the pop-up window to install.
  3. Go back to the Web Client and click on “Activate your 3CX Extension for Chrome”.

Supporting Backup Services and Protocols

  • Extends supported services for Backup and Archiving recordings. Adds FTPS, FTPES, SFTP (SSH) and SMB (Windows shares) protocols. Get more info and tips here.
  • “Migrate Archive” tool added to help administrators easily transfer archived recordings from Google Drive onto the phone system’s local storage, ensuring no loss of data. Read how.
  • Improved built-in DNS Resolver to better handle “Invite/ACK” for certain VoIP providers.

Requirements & Known Issues

  • 3CX Google Chrome extension requires:
    • 3CX V16, Update 4 Beta.
    • Chrome Version 78 or later
  • Users of the 3CX Click to Call extension should disable or uninstall it, before installing the 3CX Google Chrome Extension.
  • Users on V16 Update 3, or prior need to upgrade to Update 4, re-load their browser with the Web Client active to be able to see the option to activate the extension.

How To Upgrade

Click on “Updates” in the Management Console’s Dashboard, select “v16 Update 4 Beta” and click on “Download Selected” to install this update on your PBX.

Alternatively, you can get v16 Update 4 Beta for Windows or Linux:

If you are already running 3CX V16, Alpha 2 then you do not need to upgrade. Alpha 2 has been renamed to Beta.

View the change log for this version and give us your feedback via the community forum.