Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.3 is now Available

February 2nd we announced Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.2 and our new two-week cycle for Maintenance Releases. The new Maintenance Release cycle will help us accelerate the resolution of bugs and patches for Customers.

Fixed issues ZCS 8.7.3

Here is a comprehensive list of all the items addressed in this Release. We fixed three Priority 1 issues for this Release, including one that affected rolling upgrades.

104233 Rolling upgrade: “com.zimbra.common.soap.Element$ContainerException: element already has a parent – ” when sending flush cache request after creating account
101023 zimbraHelpAdvancedURL, zimbraHelpStandardURL and zimbraHelpAdminURL does not work
107623 EWS sync broken when SOAP response is large
107624 Update missing changes in Platform repositories from 870 perforce branch
107625 Integrate all missing changes in zm-web-client/zm-ajax from 870 release.

Bonus: Slide deck

We have released a slide deck about What’s New in Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.x, and we hope you like it. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date about upcoming webinars for Zimbra Collaboration, Zimbra Talk and Zimbra Suite Plus.

Click here if the slide deck is not working for you.

Quick note about our git repository and our Open Source Code

Downloading and building our Zimbra code? Keep reading…

Starting with ZCS 8.7.2 and above, we have new steps to download and see our code:

Note: Code is just published as it is. The objective is for people to see the code changes. There are some tweaks required for the build. We are working on restructuring.


  • Read the Release Notes for Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.3 here
  • Download Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.3 here
  • Forum about Installation and Upgrade here
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